Align Who You Are With How You Lead

We work with leaders who want to make a real difference.
They know this is about leading from the inside out.
They come to us to learn how.


Leadership Programme

Our advanced leadership programme is grounded in the principle that to lead others well, you must first know and master yourself.

Learn to lead with Mindful Command® and gain the foundations for lifelong clarity, self-mastery and leadership presence.

Share your 9-month journey with 7 other leaders seeking their own answers to deeper questions.


Monthly Online Coaching

Continuously apply the learning from group and individual sessions to your personal and professional context.

Residential Retreats

Explore your inner and outer landscape on two inspiring 4-day retreats in the peace, beauty and majesty of the French Alps.

World-Class Teachers

Tap into the wisdom and experience of a team of exceptional specialists in leadership, clarity, mindfulness and the martial arts.

About Sally-Anne

The face and founder of Skilful Leaders, Sally-Anne Airey brings the practical wisdom of nearly 40 years as a Royal Navy Commander, international business leader and leadership coach.

Sally-Anne has spent her whole life figuring out what leadership really is: by doing, studying and observing, by making mistakes and learning from them, and by coaching other leaders – from whom she has learnt so much.



A space for you. Take a step back from your day-to-day and experience the highly focused attention of an expert coach.

One-to-One Online

60-90 minute sessions over an agreed period. Challenge your assumptions and open your mind to new possibilities.


One-to-One Time Out

Short personalised retreats in the French Alps. Give yourself the time and space to reflect on what really matters to you.


Team Offsite

A powerful 2-4 day team retreat in majestic Alpine scenery. Give your team the space for voices to be heard, ideas to be explored, and for the team spirit to flow and grow.


What Clients Say

Sally-Anne works at the crossroads between ​leadership and ​mindfulness. Her guidance has helped me become a better leader, ​more connected to my team and myself​, without losing myself in the process. Not only is she a highly-talented leadership coach, Sally-Anne also embodies the example of living and breathing your way to a more present, joyful life.

Kathryn Sheridan CEO, Sustainability Consult

As an experienced leader herself, Sally-Anne understands the nuances of helping leaders perform successfully. She is incisive, compassionate and intuitive. Her gentle, subtle and focused style has allowed me to expose the areas that I knew needed attention but could not quite access.

John Peters Director, Monkey Business

Sally-Anne’s approach attends sensitively to the whole person, she asks powerful questions, and brings her expertise in the field of professional development into her coaching. I deepened my emotional and social intelligence, giving me the stronger base I needed to be more effective in my work.

Fiona Adams Transformational Coach and Supervisor, UK

I really value Sally-Anne’s hard-won practical wisdom and deep understanding of the inner leader. It’s a rare combination. Her calm and compassion come from who she is. Her understanding of leadership comes from what she’s done. Together, they enable her to support others, including me, to build strong foundations for remarkable achievements.

Stephen Burt Director, GibsonStarr

Sally-Anne is a highly qualified, knowledgeable and trustworthy executive coach, who has helped me a enormously with my personal and career development. Her input and gentle, respectful, professional approach have helped me identify and manage my weaknesses. With her help, a whole new world has opened up for me. The value of sessions with Sally-Anne is priceless.

Olga Andreeva Director, Business Process, Tele2

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Day 21: Maintain the Pause Habit

By Sally-Anne, 21.04.20

Before I ask you to join me today for our final Power of Pause video, let me just remind you of the five habits that we talked about back on Day 1, to help you literally create a pathway in your nervous system which will enable you to pause more automatically as time goes on...


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