Skilful Leaders is your partner in enlightened leadership development.

Effective leaders are self aware, emotionally intelligent and fully present. These capacities enable you to make better decisions, collaborate well and improve wellbeing for yourself and others. These are skills that can be developed.

In business, as purpose becomes the new logic for sustainable long-term performance, it is ever more important that leaders engage hearts and minds around a clear vision and shared values, and create space for people to align with them in their everyday working life.

This is both about what you do and how you do it. At Skilful Leaders this is our particular expertise. We help you develop your skills holistically – to build a solid platform for success and continuing growth.

Founded by Sally-Anne Airey, and based in France, close to Geneva, we provide coaching, mentoring and development services for leaders everywhere.

“Sally-Anne works at the crossroads between ​leadership and ​mindfulness. Her guidance has helped me become a better leader, ​more connected to my team and myself​, without losing myself in the process. Not only is she a highly-talented leadership coach, Sally-Anne also embodies the example of living and breathing your way to a more present, joyful life.”

Kathryn Sheridan, CEO, Sustainability Consult


Skilful Leaders provides three tiers of professional engagement:

  • Leadership coaching and mentoring.
  • Executive retreats for individuals or teams, to meet specific needs with deep impact in just a few days. These take place at our own residential development center in a beautiful part of the French Alps, just over an hour from Geneva airport.
  • EVOLVING LEADERSHIP, a 9-month, part-time, advanced leadership development programme that works from the inside out. It is founded on the principle that to lead others well you must first know and master yourself. The programme is part-residential, at our Alpine development centre, and part distance learning. It runs annually from February to November with a cohort of just 8 participants.


“I really value Sally-Anne’s hard-won practical wisdom and deep understanding of the inner leader. It’s a rare combination. Her calm and compassion come from who she is. Her appreciation of the challenge of leadership comes from what she’s done. Together, they equip her to support others who want to build strong foundations for remarkable achievements. The foundation I built at one of Sally-Anne’s executive retreats in 2017 is still an integral part of my work.”

Stephen Burt, Director, GibsonStarr


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