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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Leadership Programme

    Mindful Command®

    Residential Retreats

    • With Skilful Leaders you are assured of world-class coaching from professionals who invest fully in their own growth and bring a fresh perspective to everything they do. Sally-Anne, the founder and lead coach, brings a unique blend of leadership experience and mindfulness practice to your coaching sessions. With calm, centered presence and deep listening skills, she holds a safe space for you to explore and grow.

    • Our individual coaching programmes are conducted online, usually by Zoom or Skype, over a period that we agree in advance. We may work with you towards a specific professional objective, or explore a deeper enquiry around a big decision in your life. All our conversations are discreet and confidential. We usually plan on up to 6 coaching sessions of 60-90 minutes each. All of this depends on what you need. We listen and adapt to that.

    • Yes. Because effective coaching is primarily about the relationship between coach and coachee. Your Skilful Leaders coach has extensive online coaching experience. You feel as comfortable in the virtual space as you would if we worked with you in person.

    • We start with a no-obligation chemistry conversation. We discuss the purpose and objectives of your coaching programme and explore what you’re looking for. You learn enough about our approach and style to be able to decide whether we’re the right fit for you.

    • The price of a typical 6-session coaching programme ranges from 1,500 to 3,200 Euros, depending on your requirements and circumstances. Please inquire to find out more.

    • Our 9-month executive leadership programme speaks to inspirational leadership in a way that most other leadership programmes don’t. Rather than acquiring techniques that can be difficult to apply in your everyday work, you learn and embed new ways of being and doing. You have space to gain new insights. And throughout the programme we teach you simple, practical tools for integrating all this immediately into your work and life.

    • The full programme cost is 17,500 Euros (+ tax on some elements). This includes all accommodation, food and local transport for the residential retreats. Discretionary discounts are available for SMEs, starts-ups, charities, non-profit organisations and self-funding individuals. In exceptional cases these may be up to 65%. Please inquire to find out more about how we can align our pricing to your context.

    • A total of 8 working days. The 2 residential retreats (in May and October) are each 4 days / 4 nights.

    • This is a personalised learning experience, and we also want you to feel as if you’re sharing your evolving journey with a small group of leaders seeking their own answers to their deeper questions. We limit the group to 8 participants to create just the right balance between individual and group learning.

    • They are international, from diverse backgrounds. Alumni have come from France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, UK, USA, Russia, Romania and Israel.

    • English.

    • We set no formal qualifications. The main requirement is a curiosity to discover who you are as a leader and a willingness to open your mind and actively engage in what, for some, may be a new way of thinking and seeing.

    • You make contact through our contact form. We arrange an initial conversation to establish your needs and whether the programme is the right fit for you. If we agree that it is, Sally-Anne invites you to join the next programme. Your place is secured on payment of a 10% deposit.

    • It is externally certified by the UK’s Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

    • Yes. This is a separate arrangement which can take various forms, including occasional coaching on specific issues or ongoing mentoring.

    • Not at all. This is often the case. In our group meditation work we go back to first meditation principles for everyone.

    • Yes, a nugget of wisdom on everyday leadership can be delivered to your inbox every Friday morning.
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    • A unique, holistic synthesis of practical leadership experience, ancient and modern wisdom, the latest research and proven mind-body techniques. None of its individual elements is novel. However, their integration is a powerfully effective formula for long-term success at the messy interface between business and relationships – the place where things get done. In essence it’s the skill of holding and managing a safe space, for oneself and others, to listen and observe without judgement.

    • It draws on both the practice of mindfulness and the military concept of mission command, which promotes decentralised freedom and speed of action, initiative and flexibility. However, there’s nothing military or directive about Mindful Command®. In its most developed form, it’s what enables leaders to generate great working relationships, make better decisions, be more focused and productive, and thrive in the face of constant challenge and change.

    • Because it’s a framework developed exclusively by Skilful Leaders.

    • Click here to find out more about Mindful Command.

    • Mindfulness is awareness. The practice of mindfulness meditation is grounded in observing our breath, tuning into our body and our senses, and accepting everything we notice as it is, without judgement. Mindfulness practice is a route to inner stillness. From this calm place, we can learn to balance the thinking, feeling and doing parts of ourselves and see clearly what really matters.

    • You can expect time and space to reflect; engaging conversations that inspire you to see things differently; mountain landscapes that shift your perspective; mindfulness meditation, guided hikes, top-quality food; super comfortable accommodation; and a peaceful night’s sleep.

    • Your day normally starts with a guided meditation or mindful movement. Mornings and afternoons are adapted to your needs and might include a mix of group learning / team work, individual coaching, time out in nature, reflection and journaling. There’s usually a full-day hike and sometimes a night out in a mountain refuge. A full-body therapeutic massage is also an option.

    • For you to get the most out of your retreat, we encourage you to unplug. We also recognise that you may want to stay in touch with work and/or family and we schedule an hour for this each evening before dinner. We have free wi-fi available.

    • All our retreats are in one, sometimes two (adjacent) luxury chalets in a beautiful French Alpine village. Both chalets are old farmhouses that have been lovingly renovated to combine traditional Alpine character with contemporary design. There are spacious working and relaxation areas indoors and out, comfortable ensuite bedrooms, and a large hot tub in the grounds of both chalets.

    • A key element of your stay is the delicious, nutritious food prepared by our professional chef. Ingredients are fresh and wherever possible organic and locally sourced. If you have specific dietary restrictions or preferences, we build these into the menu. A wide range of hot and cold drinks is available at any time.

    • The retreat centre is 75 minutes from Geneva by road. If you travel to Geneva by plane or train, we meet you there and drive you the rest of the way. If you want to self-drive, we have private off-road parking for up to 5 vehicles.

    • How to sustain learning is a strong theme of all our retreats. It starts with the conversation you have with Sally-Anne before you arrive and leads into the range of practical tools and techniques you can use from the moment you get home. Our retreats also include a follow-up conversation with Sally-Anne a few weeks after you leave.

    • You need an average fitness level but not necessarily any previous experience of Alpine activities. Our day hikes are led by an experienced guide, who is there to keep you safe and well. We provide a packing list for every season – which always includes suitable footwear and layered outdoor clothing.

    How to Find Us

    We are in the French Alpine village of Sixt Fer à Cheval, in Haute-Savoie, 75 minutes by road from Geneva.
    We are very accurately marked on Google maps.

    • Geneva is the closest airport and is well served by flights from all over Europe.

    • Our nearest train station is Cluses, 40 minutes by road. There are direct trains there from Geneva and Bellegarde, which are connected to Paris by high-speed TGV.

    • We have off-road parking on our property for up to 5 vehicles.