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Evolving Leadership Programme

Are you curious about who you are as a leader?
Do you have the feeling there's something more for you to do in this world?
Are you looking for a learning experience that unlocks your best self?

Programme Overview

8 Leaders | 2 Focused Retreats | 9 Months of Learning & Insight

On this 9-month executive programme with 7 other diverse leaders you build:

The Capacity to See Your Better Future

The Courage to Make It Happen

The Foundations of Generative Leadership

Who is This Programme for?

For leaders and influencers, in any organisation, in any sector, in any field of work, of any size, who care about their impact on their world. They might include:

What Will You Get Out of This Programme?

The calm assurance of aligning who you are with how you lead, through:

Our programme is externally certified by the Chartered Management Institute

2 Residential Retreats

Space & Serenity in the Alps

For 4 days in June, and again in October, you have space to learn with the group in the awe-inspiring scenery of the French Alps.

You have time to reflect, refocus, re-energise. You sleep peacefully in a comfortable Alpine chalet, surrounded by mountains and waterfalls.

You have the privacy of your own bedroom and bathroom. You eat delicious, nutritious vegetarian food. You meditate. You hike. You learn more about yourself.

online coaching session in front of a computer
Virtual Coaching

Insight & Learning Online

With expert teachers in monthly group sessions, you explore leadership and self-mastery. You learn the elements of Mindful Command®. You get to know your peers. You learn from each other.

In monthly one-to-one sessions with your personal coach, and progressively in your day-to-day work, you apply your insights and learning to your personal and professional context.

From the very first session you start to experience the impact.

Mindful Command ®

Mindful Command® is a holistic foundation for authentic leadership.
It has four integrated elements.
At their core is space.
Space to think.
Space to speak and act on purpose.
Space for others to grow.

Balanced Awareness

Clear Purpose

Seeing things as they are

Being clear about
what matters

Inner Stability

Fearless Compassion

Standing calmly for what matters

Having the courage to do
what you know is right

Our Exceptional Specialists

Sally-Anne Airey

In a previous life Sally-Anne was a Commander in the Royal Navy, where she first learned about leadership. Later she led a large cross-cultural team in an international business in Ukraine, and learnt a lot more. She’s been a leadership coach for over 15 years, working with clients in most European countries and the USA.

Sally-Anne runs Evolving Leadership alongside other highly skilled and experienced teachers and coaches who bring their deep wisdom to the programme.

Christina Kisley

Chris is a serial entrepreneur, coach, consultant and catalyst who works with organisations of all sizes across the USA and Mexico. She launched her current company in 2019 with the mission of “catalysing growth on purpose”. She helps you align your internal and external self in support of continual, purposeful, personal and leadership growth.

Charles Davies

Charlie has devoted most of his working life to understanding what clarity is and how it works. He teaches you a simple approach that allows you to get clear on who you are, what you do and how you get it done. Author of: I thought I was on the way to work, but I was on the way home: A new version of Lao Tsu’s Tao Te Ching.

Max St John

Max is a martial arts teacher, former MD of an award-winning consultancy and adviser to leaders in both the private and nonprofit sectors. He teaches people how to work with healthy conflict and listen to their bodies. Max shows you how to find stable inner ground and a smoother path through the messy business of being human, together.

Graham Allcott

Graham founded Think Productive over 10 years ago to help people make space for what matters. He has authored six books, including the international best-seller ‘How to be a Productivity Ninja’ and is currently writing his 7th on kindness in leadership. Central to his approach are his personal mantras: “human, not superhero” and “people first, work second - always”.

Stephen Burt

Stephen’s career spans teaching, social research, government policy and, now, leadership development. He performs jazz and improvised theatre and brings their powerful mix of structure, improvisation and mischief to his work with leaders, to help them learn from their physical and emotional experience. Author of The Art of Listening in Coaching and Mentoring.

Juliet Adams

Juliet helps organisations and individuals become clear on their intentions in life, leading to greater satisfaction, happiness and success. A leading expert on mindfulness and intention, she founded A Head for Work 12 years ago to transform the way organisations think, behave and perform. She has authored six books including Mindful Leadership and the bestseller Intention Matters.

Benjamin Cox

Ben has been teaching and practising Taichi and Qigong for over 20 years with several well-known masters in the west and in China. He teaches you how to be physically dynamic, yet still open and relaxed, so that you are fully present and able to connect with yourself and others in any circumstances.

Viktor Lysell Smålänning

Viktor is our ritual designer. Founder of Ritual at Work, his rituals create a rhythm that supports the flow of your experience and helps you integrate your learning more deeply. He shows you how to give your inner world an external form, and how to work with that sensitively to influence and change your own landscape.

Dates and Outline Content 2023

March, April, May
  • Icebreaker: group introductions.
  • Mindful Command® Overview.
  • Introduction to Meditation.
  • Awareness through Improv.
  • How to have a Very Clear Idea.
  • Envisioning your transition.
  • Exploring your context.
  • Identifying your challenges and opportunities.
  • Developing Balanced Awareness.
  • Practising getting clear.
June 13-17
  • Cultivating Fearless Compassion & Inner Stability.
  • Learning movement for Inner Stability.
  • Exploring the power of ritual.
July, August, September
  • Journey to Wholeness.
  • Healthy Conflict.
  • Identity Yoga.
  • Exploring your insight.
  • Applying your learning
October 10-14
  • Integrating Mindful Command®
  • Exploring your capacity to hold space.
  • Mindful Command® in practice.
  • How are we when we're fully present?
  • Consolidation & Review.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Participants Say

At the end of 2019 I felt strongly that for me to grow as a leader I had to go inwards to develop a feeling of trust and calm that would guide me in my life and work. Evolving Leadership is a magnificent experience, which proved to have everything I was looking for. The whole blended learning approach gave me brilliant leadership insights that I know will keep evolving within me for years to come.

Petra Smid People Development Director, Prolander

Before the Evolving Leadership programme I was on the edge of burning out, full of self-doubt and overwhelmed by everything in my life. I've learned how to stay calm, in control and not be derailed by external events. Now I feel like a different person: at ease and excited, doing so much more and it doesn’t feel hard. This has come from working on myself - such a big thing for me to realise.

Jon Smith CEO, Pobble

The Evolving Leadership Programme is game-changing: mentally, emotionally and physically. I’ve got a different map to navigate how I think and make decisions. Being in the mountains gave me the space to see how nature responds to adversity, and to create metaphors for my own life. These new connections gave me a significant positive shift - motivating and inspiring in equal measure.

Nikki Gatenby Co-Founder, Menopoised

Throughout my career I've been on many high-end leadership development programmes. Evolving Leadership goes beyond all of them and really works. As well as improving my self-awareness and inner balance, it has helped me get clear on my purpose in life and connect this directly with my day-to-day aims - personal and professional. This has massively increased my impact as a leader.

Emma Cupillard Global Internal Audit Director, Mars Inc

For 10 years I’ve been looking for ways to deal with my demons. This programme has given me the space to leap forward in a way I couldn’t have imagined at the start. It’s been life-changing. I’m now able to reflect with less judgement, way less anger, and more kindness. As a leader I’m listening better, I’m more patient. It’s a work in progress, but I now have the curiosity and compassion to continue.

Chris Managing Director

The different cultural perspectives of the multinational group are stimulating and thought-provoking. It’s just the right size to feel both personal and diverse. I’ve also gained invaluable insights: clarity about my purpose and real understanding of how to rush less and pause more.

Elena Grishina CFO, Renaissance Capital

I would equate the Evolving Leadership programme to the feeling of clarity you get when you hit the ‘re-centre’ button on your Google maps. Sally-Anne creates the safe space you never give yourself to truly evaluate the path you’re on. You learn to zoom in and out, unlock what’s there within you and become clear about where you’re going.

Elena Kerrigan Managing Director, Think Productive

When I heard about this programme, at the time I was struggling to define my next steps as a leader. Sally-Anne and her great team created a safe space where I could slow down, look back, listen to myself and get a clearer idea of where I am now and where I really want to be. This life changing programme was a timeless investment in myself, where I got powerful but simple tools for my day to day life.

Polly Shaul Co-Founder, StoryCrafters


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