We specialize in coaching leaders by:

  • clarifying and developing the skills you need to reach the outcomes you want
  • providing a confidential sounding board to explore your daily challenges and opportunities
  • helping you navigate a change of role, a promotion, or a specific problem

We work with a wide range of leadership methodologies and coaching models to help you step back and see your life and work from a new perspective.

Client-led conversations exploring your aspirations
We are a thinking partner who meets you as an equal, listens to you deeply and challenges your assumptions. You are in a confidential, non-judgmental space that supports reflection and self-questioning. 

Direct, but not directive
Solutions are co-created, not delivered. You can expect insightful observation and feedback, and a powerful intention for you to harness your own resources for success.

Simple, but not simplistic
The process is straightforward, pragmatic and can be fun! We help you get to the heart of your personal or professional agenda and strip away obstacles to reaching your goals.

You are assured of a mindful conversation in which the focus is completely on you.  We bring a centered, grounded presence to every coaching conversation.

Coaching is a shared experience. Feeling understood, valued and supported gives you a firm platform from which to move forward.

As an experienced leader herself, Sally-Anne understands the nuances of helping leaders perform successfully. She is incisive, compassionate and intuitive. Her gentle, subtle and focused style has allowed me to expose the areas that I knew needed attention but could not quite access..”

John Peters, Director, Monkey Business

Getting started
Your coaching relationship with us begins with a no-obligation chemistry meeting to discuss working together. Normally a coaching programme consists of six sessions, each lasting 60-90 minutes, over a period of 6 months.

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