In this time of constant change and uncertainty, your leadership success depends on the confidence and stability of your inner leader. Skilful leaders turn disruption to their advantage. They create clarity, trust and engagement, which generates momentum and accelerates productivity.

And yet many well-established leadership approaches fail to equip leaders with these skills. They are not pragmatic enough to enable leaders to succeed day-to-day at the messy interface between business and relationships.

EVOLVING LEADERSHIP fixes this. It is an advanced leadership development programme that works from the inside out. Grounded in the principle that to lead others well you must first know and master yourself, it gives you a solid platform for success and continuing growth.

“To lead others, one must first find one’s own direction.” Chuang-tzu

Are you ready to unleash youR inner leader?

You are in a responsible leadership position in any enterprise, or in transition: C-level executive or partner in a large or medium size company, board member, senior executive in a not-for-profit or public organisation, entrepreneur or owner-manager.

You may be looking for your next big thing and seeking to prepare yourself or deepen your skills. You may want to excel in your current role and need help to make the necessary changes. You may be highly successful but still feel pulled in every direction and need to sharpen your ability to focus. Whatever your circumstances, you are looking for a truly effective, sustainable way to move forward.

On this unique programme you tap into the wisdom of world-class coach-mentors, who have a rare combination of mindfulness and leadership experience of their own.

With the skills that you learn, 

– you create clarity and a reassuring space
– you are resilient and confident
– you are able to respond innovatively to any challenge or opportunity
– you combine introspection and strategic leadership
– you enable sustained wellbeing for yourself and others
– you make an immediate difference to the productiveness of your organisation
– you are more you, with skill

EVOLVING LEADERSHIP runs annually from March to November.

It is externally certified by the UK’s Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

The 2019 programme is currently under way with a full complement of 8 participants.

Booking for 2020 is now open

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“I would equate the Evolving Leadership programme to the feeling of clarity you get when you hit the ‘re-centre’ button on your Google maps. Sally-Anne creates the safe space you never give yourself to truly evaluate the path you’re on. You learn to zoom in and out, unlock what’s there within you and become clear about where you’re going.”

Elena Kerrigan, Managing Director, Think Productive

“I’ve been privileged throughout my career to receive a lot of high-end leadership development training. The Evolving Leadership programme goes beyond any of it and really does work. Quite apart from helping me improve my self-awareness and inner balance, it’s enabled me to identify clearly my purpose in life and to connect this directly with my day-to-day aims, personal as well as professional. This has massively increased my impact as a leader.”

Emma Cupillard, Global Internal Audit Director, Mars Inc

Personalised Learning

Over a nine-month period you experience a personalised, part-time leadership programme, which enables you progessively to apply your learning in your day-to-day work. You clarify and embody your leadership mindset – the knowledge, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviours that govern how you are and the impact you have on others.

You learn in a group of eight like-minded peers both remotely and face-to-face at our inspiring leadership development centre in the French Alps. You have the space you need to consolidate and embed new skills on a continuing basis.

The core elements of the programme are three mindfulness-based residential retreats, which include group work, one-to-one coaching and outdoor learning. Learning is reinforced and extended by monthly online individual coaching and group learning sessions.

Residential Modules



Sustaining Mindful Command



Sustaining Mindful Command

Unique Learning Environment

Our peaceful, luxury leadership development centre and its stunning alpine location invigorate and challenge you. In connecting with nature you gain perspective and reconnect with what really matters in your life and work. The changing seasons deepen your sense of transformation.

Externally Certified

Skilful Leaders is a recognised programme partner of the UK’s Chartered Management Institute (CMI). EVOLVING LEADERSHIP has been benchmarked and endorsed by the CMI against the UK’s National Occupational Standards for leadership and management. A CMI certificate is awarded to those completing the programme. This is accompanied by a year’s cost-free CMI membership, including access to the Institute’s extensive online knowledge base.

The Evolving Leadership programme is proving transformational for me. I feel clear and empowered about the next steps I need to take in my personal and business contexts. In today’s chaotic world, the value of this for my family and my business is profound.”

Jon Smith, CEO, Pobble Education

“The different cultural perspectives of the multinational group are stimulating and thought-provoking. It’s just the right size to feel both personal and diverse. I’ve also gained invaluable insights: clarity about my purpose and real understanding of how to rush less and pause more.”

Elena Grishina, CFO, Renaissance Capital


EVOLVING LEADERSHIP has been created by Sally-Anne Airey.  It tackles a need she has observed in every leader she coaches: to know how to create space to think, see clearly and act decisively in all situations.

A former Royal Navy Commander and international business leader, Sally-Anne is a successful senior leader, with over 35 years’ experience, who knows what good leadership is and how to make it a reality for the leaders of today. Her natural empathy and mindfulness practice enable her to engage strongly with you and your challenges and open your mind to new possibilities.

Sally-Anne delivers this programme in partnership with a team of exceptional specialists in their own field:

Charles Davies has devoted most of his working life to understanding what clarity is and how it works. He teaches you a simple approach that allows you to get clear on who you are, what you do and how you get it done. Author of: I thought I was on the way to work, but I was on the way home: A new version of Lao Tsu’s Tao Te Ching.

Benjamin Cox is a talented teacher of Taichi and Qigong who has been practising both disciplines for over 18 years with several well-known masters in the west and in China. Ben teaches you how to be physically dynamic, yet still open and relaxed, so that you are fully present and able to connect with yourself and others in any circumstances.

Max St John is a martial arts teacher, former MD of an award-winning consultancy and adviser to leaders in both the private and nonprofit sectors. He teaches people how to work with healthy conflict and listen to their bodies. Max shows you how to find stable inner ground and a smoother path through the messy business of being human, together.

Juliet Adams is a leadership and workplace productivity specialist and a global authority on mindfulness in the workplace. She shows you how to transform complexity into simplicity, to inspire others to get things done. She is also a bestselling author whose latest book, Intention Matters: A practical guide to the science of creating the life you want, was published in July 2019.

March – November 2020.

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to your context.

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* The Global Leadership Forecast 2018 – produced by DDI, The Conference Board, and EY – one of the most expansive leadership research projects ever conducted. includes data from 25,812 leaders and 2,547 human resources professionals at 2,488 organizations across 26 industries worldwide.