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Day 7: Adapt to Change in Uncertain Times

By Sally-Anne, 07.04.20

Often when we feel disconnected from ourselves, each other, our environment or even our sense of purpose, fear becomes our predominant emotion. Our brains are hardwired for certainty, and projecting our thoughts into an unknown future can trigger worry and anxiety...

Day 6: Access a Peak Experience

By Sally-Anne, 06.04.20

Today our Power of Pause practice is drawing inspiration from the magnificent mountain trails surrounding us here in the Alps, which serve as the perfect metaphor for so many Leadership challenges...

Day 5: Develop Your Stable Inner Leader

By Sally-Anne, 05.04.20

Becoming a Stable Inner Leader and practising Balanced Awareness involves tuning into what’s happening within you, but also becoming more aware of who is around you and what is going on around you...

Day 4: Harness the Power of Mind-Body Connection

By Sally-Anne, 04.04.20

Today we focus our Power of Pause practice on creating space between an external stimulus - what someone says or does, or a situation or event - and our reaction...

Day 3: Listen to Nature

By Sally-Anne, 03.04.20

Being able to step away from a situation and gain perspective on the bigger picture is an essential leadership tool. In order to do that, we need to have emotional awareness and be able to calm our minds when things around us might be challenging, turbulent or confused...

Day 2: 5 Steps to the Pause Habit

By Sally-Anne, 02.04.20

Developing any habit takes practice, and so today we’ll be looking at the five principles of developing the Pause Habit: Why, Start Small, Concentrate, Be Consistent and Enjoy It...

Day 1: Why Learn to Pause?

By Sally-Anne, 01.04.20

Today we’ll learn what the Pause habit is, and how it can help us in times of challenge and stress. By learning the three simple steps of Pause, Focus and Breathe, you’ll discover how to create a mental space that allows you to respond ‘on purpose’, rather than reacting from a stressed...

21 Days on the Mountain – A Moment of Calm

By Sally-Anne, 31.03.20

Hello from a small village, at the end of a valley in the French Alps – my home. I want to tell you about a series of 21 short videos I’m making called ’21 Days on the Mountain’. From tomorrow, I’ll post one video every morning, from a different spot out in nature, close to […]

Evolving Leadership

By Sally-Anne, 15.11.19

Leaders are made, not born. This was one of the first things I was taught as a trainee Royal Navy officer back in the 80s. I didn’t wholly buy into it at the time, and over the years I’ve seen a few naturally gifted leaders in action — inspiring and engaging the people around them...